Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Art Day at the museum

One of the "perks" of homeschooling
is all of the amazing (and educational) field trips we can take.
Some are with our homeschool co-op,
and some of with close friends.
Today we spent a lovely day with dear friends at the art museum.
We toured the grounds before going into the museum and found many colorful gardens.  Some even matched the kids!
The orange garden
(These two sweet littles came home from Ch*na on the same trip.  We met her family half way around the world in 2008 only to find out they live just across town!)
The white garden
The pink one
Another pink garden
After walking the gardens, we spent fun time inside the museum in the American gallery.  I love art, and it tickled me to be able to explain the art pieces to my children who really soaked up the information and enjoyed their time.
Then it was outside again for a picnic lunch and some creative art time of their own.  The kids had packed their art supplies and kept busy sketching, coloring, and painting.
Everyone had a delightful time and can hardly wait to go back soon!

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Emily said...

What a fun day!