Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catching Up

Our school is in full swing now.  All of the kids are doing great and have really settled into a nice routine.  Even the teacher is finally in the swing of things!  We do miss my mom during the school day though.  She would often come and help teach the kids last winter. 

We have gotten in a fair amount of academics and then thrown in several field trips already!  We are having a blast with the study of American History.  We are also really enjoying our side trips around the city.
Our trip to the art museum with friends
A rocket blast at church
Going with Ted to his inspection of his soon-to-be purchased condo
With friends at the zoo
A new "do" for Miss S
Surgery for Wendy.  BTW, she is doing fine now.  She only had to wear her "cone" for a week.
A field trip to a creamery with yummy treats afterwards
After so much activity, a fella needs to catch a few winks now and then! 

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Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Looks like you and your family are enjoying life!

Congrats to your biggest boy on his new home!