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Family picture

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four years ago today

Half way around the world just four short years ago today, Philip's Chinese birthparents gave birth to a small baby boy. We will never know why they could not keep him, but in letting him go, they gave him a chance to find his forever family, the mom, dad, and brother he was meant to have all along! By God's amazing goodness, we were united with the young son and brother we were meant to have all along as well on June 23, 2008, our precious Philip's "Gotcha Day."

Today we want to wish Philip a happy first birthday home. We pray that Philip will someday know just how very much we all love him and how very much he was wanted. And we want him to know how very much his Father in Heaven loves him to orchestrate such a miracle in the way he came to his forever family. From beside a gate in a small Chinese village, to a Henan orphanage, to the Philip Hayden Children's Village outside of Beijing, to our waiting arms! What a journey!

We also want to remember Philip's Chinese birthparents. We can never begin to thank them for the beautiful gift we have received. They will forever be in our hearts! Today we pray that God will give them a peace about the son they had to leave - somehow whisper to their souls that Philip found his forever family and he found his way home!

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Mom Of Many said...

Oh, doesn't it just make you marvel at the handiwork of God...all the steps to get Philip home that he can one day ask Jesus to come into his heart and serve him? What an amazing great the love of the Father that we should be called Children of God?? So very thankful for Philip today! Happy birthday Philip - you are loved by soooo many!! xo