Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Philip, Happy First Birthday Home!

This coming Thursday, March 19, will be Philip's fourth birthday. Wow! That's hard to believe. It was just a little under a year ago when we first saw Philip's picture on the Waiting Children's List! What a year it has been!

We had a big party for Philip's first birthday home on Saturday, March 14. In Philip's words, it was "a huge people." I think he understood that everyone was there to wish him a happy birthday, and he was happy about it. He understands more each day that not only do the three of us love him dearly, but he has so many, many other people who love him and are a part of his family, too. That's a beautiful truth about his life.

We had a blast watching him enjoy his party. Kevin, Ted, and I got a little choked up when we all sang "Happy Birthday." The biggest smile lit up Philip's face when he realized everyone was singing to him!

Happy Birthday Philip. We love you.

Our two sons - We continually thank God for them. They are more wonderful than we ever could have imagined!

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Mom Of Many said...

Emma came by as I was looking at the party pictures and said, "That's look like such a fun party!" Wish we could have been there too!!

Your boys are so handsome and precious! How blessed you are!