Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A crazy lady at the International Doctor's office

Well, I have sunk to a new low. Maybe you can relate??

Today I had an appointment at our
international doctor's office
to go over Eli's information and get any new travel information.

The appointment was for 2:00 on the north side of town. EASY.

I had everything under control.

I even had Eli's info and all of our shot records
in a packet on the table in the living room.

I spent the morning working in the garden with Philip playing in his sandbox.
I even harvested some carrots and tomatoes and cooked them
for our very delicious lunch feeling very pleased to
be living off the land! LOL!!

I showered, put on a nice outfit, got Philip ready, and had time to spare.

On the way out of the house I did remember to pick up Philip's
bag full of toys to keep him busy while I chatted with the doctor.

Well . . .

Things began to unravel on the interstate about halfway there.

It seems that I had left the very important packet of information,
the entire reason I was going to see the doctor in the first place, on the table back at home.

Uh oh,

Ok, I figured I could plead for them to let me open up my e-mail account
and print it out at their office, so I tried to stop worrying about that. Yea, right!

Then, once I got off the interstate, all sense of direction left me. I couldn't, for the life of me,
find the turn off to the office.

An office I had been to at least 6 or 7 times before!

I kept driving and nothing looked familiar. The time kept ticking away. In tears,
I finally called my husband and interrupted his classroom! He gave me directions back
to the office.

Simple enough . . . right??

I went back the other way but missed the turn off again!

By this time I am sweating. My once nice outfit was a wrinkled mess, and my deodorant was starting to fail big time, not to mention the tears pouring down my face were leaving a trail
of eye make-up. A really lovely sight to behold. Completely in control!!

When I did finally find the right turn road, a sweet little voice
from the backseat yelled,

"Yea. We find Dr. Belcher's office. You went long way!"

Once in the office, it did not get much better. Oh, they were very nice to me,
offering to see if the doctor could still see me, saying, "It sounds like you have had a bad day." The nice receptionist even called back to the doctor's nurse and kept shaking her head and smiling (no telling what was being said on the other end of the line).

But in the end, they needed to reschedule, and they seemed
to hurry me just a bit (or was that my imagination?). Who can blame them?

What would you do if you had a deranged looking lady,
tears running down her cheeks, saying over and over how sorry and
embarrassed she was and a little four-year-old who kept trying to sneak
back out to the waiting room . . .

As if I really wanted to face all of the
people who were waiting there, hearing all that was taking place
at the desk!

On the way out I stopped by the restroom and happened to look in the mirror!
Don't ya know to top things off -
One side of my hair was sticking straight out -
almost at 90 degrees from my head!
No wonder they hurriedly got me out of the office!

On the way home, Philip kept worrying about what had
just taken place. All he could say was,
"You not bring Eli to doctor's office?"

Notice the 90 degree flip on the side!

I am kind of rethinking this whole international doctor thing - I mean, really,
how important is it to return? Hee, hee! Maybe I will hire a substitute for me on
September 9th - the rescheduled appointment. Any takers??

Or wear a disguise!


Mom Of Many said...

Oh you poor thing! I hate when stuff like that happens.

Really though, Janet, from your picture you look like your sweet, beautiful self.

And as for Sept. 9th, ummmm, you go ahead, I'll wait right here. =) Maybe even pack the car the night before? lol


Lori said...

I am convinced that because you *know* me, this happened to you. Because that is exactly something that would happen to ME...and I'm very sorry that it must have rubbed off onto you! :)

At least it made for a great blog post!!

Jean said...

When I read the first half- I felt horrible for you- yes I have been in a similar situation where things are just falling apart right and left but the thought of you in the DR's office , your hair sticking straight up, dried tears and their reaction- I'm sorry I couldn't help myself I had to LOL!!

WE do have an international clinic here in our town just in case you want to try another one!!

We will be praying for you on the 9th!! ;-)