Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here are some sweet pictures of
our oldest son packing for college

and his little brother "helping"

Yesterday I decided that with Eli coming
now would be a good time to show Philip
his own Gotcha Day video.

We had never shown it to Philip before
because he had such a hard time leaving
his home in China, and we were afraid
showing it to him might make him regress.

But yesterday he sat on my lap and watched it intently.
He laughed at his daddy throughout the video
(because his daddy is a very funny person),
but mostly he watched it.

At the point when we were taking him
back to the hotel for the first time,
he excitedly exclaimed,
"You found me! You found me!
It's long walk to China!!"

How sweet is that? Yes, we did find him! And he found us!



Sharon and Michael said...

How PRECIOUS! I'm very glad you found each other. And hoping your son has a great year at college. My oldest just graduated in May from college. They really do grow up too fast.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh what sweet pictures - obviously total buddies...

Love that you showed Philip his video....and what he said? So precious!

Yes Philip, it's a long walk to Ch*na!! =)

Chasity said...

Janet & Kevin,
These are amazing pictures of your boys. Is Philip doing well with Big Brother gone off to school? We keep your family in our prayers each day! God Bless!