Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a typical week with our boys

There was a "fashion show" of sorts
. . .

Ted and Philip show off their new shoes.
Don't they look GQ in shorts, black socks, and dress shoes?

Then another sporty gent modeled the correct way to wear a
Curious George Hat . . . It will probably become all the rage now!

The "littles" helped make cookies.
They were lots of help!

Of course, there had to be a taste test!

And don't forget some "super hero" action.
They saved the day.
Thank you boys!


living4him5 said...

great pictures Janet!!

God bless,
Amy <><

The Berry Family Six said...

Love the pictures -- and love the "littles." Ted has to be the BEST big brother ever!!! ♥♥♥

jasnjoj said...

You have three very handsome guys there, Janet! I will never tire of seeing Eli smile, after never getting to see it in person in China!