Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet weekend

Yesterday Ted graduated from Ball State University.
You may notice that our littlest member did not
attend! His behavior couldn't be counted on!!

At one point in the ceremony when
Philip saw Ted march in, he said,
"That's my brother!"

Yep . . . that's your brother.

We are so proud of Ted . . .
Proud of how hard he worked in college . . .
Proud of the choices he made along the way . . .
Proud of how he loves his family and friends . . .
But most of all, we are proud of how
he lives his life for Christ.

God has blessed him with faculty
who supported and guided him.

Friends to brighten his days.

Brothers (you can just barely see their heads)
to love and cherish

And family who cheer him on.

We love you Ted!

Oh how I had the happiest of Mother's Days
with my three treasures!

A son home now from college and ready to begin his adult life and two little ones just beginning their journey.

Plus their wonderful Papa - my sweet husband!

Ted stopped on his way home from BSU this morning to bring me a Starbucks hot chocolate, Philip presented his handprint in plaster to me, and Eli, well, he was Eli! Also, Kevin gave me goodies from Bath and Body Works - Heavenly!

Then we celebrated Ted's graduation and Mother's Day today with our dear mothers, brothers, sisters, a niece, and our nephews. We missed our Susie and Dan and their children who could not be here and hope Susie is better soon! As always and will ever be, we missed our sweet papas and remember them with love. They would have treasured being part of this beautiful weekend.


Pam said...

Congratulations to Ted! What a wonderful accomplishment and a wonderful young man! Looks like your whole weekend was extra special!!!!

Jocelyn-Chris said...

Congratulations to you ALL. Mom and Dad put a lot into this as well, I know.

Jean said...

Congratulations Ted!! That is wonderful!! Our Billy will be graduating, too- next weekend. Our babysitter can't help us that weekend... guess who will be coming to graduation... yes, Anna has now been invited!

I just know you understand how I feel !?!