Family picture

Family picture

Friday, May 14, 2010

Special guest this weekend

The pretty grounds and buildings at Shepherd's Field

We are so stinkin excited about our special guest this weekend!

Many years ago, with God's leading and His provision, this man and his wife established the Philip Hayden Foundation which eventually built Shepherd's Field Children's Village! God is still very much at work there to this day.

That beautiful village is where our Philip lived for most of his life in China until we could come and bring him home.

Philip practicing his counting at Shepherd's Field

The staff at that beautiful village showered our Philip with so much love, nurturing, and care for those three
years. They also provided him with his first two surgeries on his palate and lip.

Tim Baker is coming as our special guest to spea
k at our church this coming Sunday about The Philip Hayden Foundation's amazing God story and share about the children's village.

As you might remember, many people gave us donations to buy much needed supplies to take over to the children's village when we traveled in January to bring home Eli.

And many sweet children from our church will be raising funds for the children's village this summer during our Vacation Bible School!

Oh happy day that we get to visit with a man who followed God's leading to give our Philip such a wonderful beginning and continues to help many other children.

Oh happy day that we get to share Tim with our church so that others, too, can hear his amazing story.

Tim, his wife Pam, and their daughter at the PHF Reunion last summer

Please pray for hearts to be opened this Sunday to the precious children at Shepherd's Field Children's Village.

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Jean said...

That is so exciting!! What a privilege to have him come to your church and speak!! PTL!! I am so excited for you!

What a blessing to have had Philip there!

Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Thank you Jesus!!