Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting better!

This morning our little boy still wasn't feeling so very well.
(Philip looks like a movie director in this picture, doesn't he?
He always likes to walk around the house in our shoes!)

Boy, what a difference a few more hours can make for Elijah!

We think he is on his way to recovery.


Jean said...

Adorable- pain meds are awesome at times like this! i love his happy face!
sorry to be the worry wart but-

Be careful- our Anna started bleeding and had emergency surgery.

e-mail me if you need more details

God Bless you! (thank you for your prayers!)

Praying for quick healing for your little guy!

jasnjoj said...

I'm so glad to see him feeling better! OH - what he's been through!

living4him5 said...

Praising God he's feeling better!!

Many blessings,

chrisandlaura96 said...

Just wanted you to know we have been thinking about and praying for little Eli and your family. We're so glad everything went well with his palate surgery and that he is recovering well.
-Chris and Laura

Jocelyn-Chris said...

Praying for Elijah's continued recovery! Hugs to you all.