Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Praying to meet our goal - what a week!

Adventure on the high seas!

Philip loving VBS

The "China" room

Captain Jack and Amanda

Taking a pie in the face so that Tonye can have his surgery -
Way to go Deidra and Amanda

Looking good!

VBS has been so amazing and fun this week. Just one more day. We are really tired but very happy that we can share about Philip Hayden each day with so many people.

The children met their goal of raising money for Tonye to have lip surgery. Our children's minister and her able helper got a pie in the face thrown by my hubby and our oldest son. It was funny, and the kids went wild!!

Now tomorrow we find out if the children can help Tess and Clyde as well. My guess is that they will!

The lessons have all been about how awesome the Bible is - God's word is true, God's word is comforting, God's word is surprising, God's word is life-changing, and God's word is for everyone. It has been a wonderful week learning about God's word and sharing how we can make a difference in the lives of orphans.

Ted shares the Bible lesson through drama each day as Captain Jack, we share about Philip Hayden's children's village in China in our missions' station, and Philip has attended and loved his first VBS ever! The best thing about this week - we did it together!

Years ago, we participated in VBS every year when Ted was little but have taken a long break from it as he has grown older and no longer attended. Now we are back in full swing, and it feels good!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a donation to help three children at PHF receive their much needed surgeries! You are the best!

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Cathy said...

That's so awesome! I never did VBS when younger, but have loved getting involved now that Chris does it too. Can't wait, our church is doing High Seas Adventure this year too!