Family picture

Family picture

Monday, June 21, 2010

What a family means

Yesterday at church our children from VBS sang a couple of songs for the congregation. Our oldest son, Ted, also was up in front singing with the little kids. In fact, he stood right next to Philip. Two of my three boys together! Sweet!

Well, this being the first time Philip had ever been in front of SO MANY people, he was very frightened by being up there. So instead of singing, he just stood there very stiffly doing the hand motions, looking like he might throw up any minute.

Oh my, we were so sad for him, but there wasn't anything we could do except sit there and keep showing him our smiles while his big brother was right next to him helping him be strong.

After the kids finished singing, we walked out with him and told him what a good job he had done with the hand motions up in front of all of those people. We gently suggested that second service he could also sing those songs. He just looked up at us like we were crayz! LOL!

Second service came, and still Ted stood beside him. Still we sat in the front rows smiling at him with love and saying a little prayer that he would be ok this time.

When the singing started, Philip looked up at Ted and then looked at us, smiled, and began to sing with a sweet smile on his face!

Oh be still my heart - what a joy it was to witness Philip beginning to understand just what it might mean to be part of a family - to have that kind of support in your tough times in life! You could just see it written on his face. What a sweet moment of time we saw today!


Jen said...

AWESOME!! Brought tears to my eyes!!!

Michelle said...

Everyone makes fun of me when I start reading my blogs (some read newspapers but I prefer the reality of my blogs) anyway, I made it until 9:30 before I got tears...and my first blog of the day. So so precious.

living4him5 said...

PRECIOUS!!! What a blessing to read about Phillip overcoming his fear thru prayer and the love of his family.

God is so very good!!

Amy <><

Jean said...

That is so sweet!! It warms my heart to know how much better the second time went- knowing big bro was there and Mom and Dad were near!!

I can completely identify. We had our celebration for VBS last saturday eve. Sarah was so nervous. She tried the hand motions but her mouth barely opened. (Anna was hysterical- mouth moving and hands flying!) I smiled and waved and did the thumbs up- she seemed to relax a little.

At first I compared her to the other older kids but then realized that is not where she was at- so I checked out the 5 yr olds and she fit right in! She just can't remember that many words at once! I am thankful that God softened my heart so I could help her!

(I needed my heart softened because what happened B4 church is a whole other story!)