Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Elijah

October 23rd was Elijah's actual birthday,
but since Ted was out of town for a wedding,
we celebrated Sunday.

Elijah had "lots" of help from our middle child!
(Who, by the way, had a bit of the "green-eyed-
monster over all the presents and attention Elijah
was receiving! :)

Showing Elijah's new shirt - notice the T-rex with
boxing gloves?? How appropriate for our little bruiser!!

Ted wanted to get in on all of the excitement that
Philip, oops, I mean Elijah was having over his birthday!

Soccer posed for my camera - what a handsome boy!

Waiting patiently for Papa to open all that packaging.

Getting operating instructions from his helpful brother.

Just enjoying making music.

Ah, the sweet melodic sound of a child's guitar!
A happy ending to a happy day.
We love you Elijah!


Jocelyn-Chris said...

Happy belated birthday to Elijah!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Elijah! What a special boy you are!

jasnjoj said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Elijah! Janet, I will never tire of seeing that sweet boy smile!

Madeleine said...

<3 I am loving the pictures. Your family never ceases to make me smile in delight.

Happy birthday to your baby boy.