Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A sweet visit from special people

This picture of Ted, Dad, Philip, and Uncle Al
was taken in May of 2009.

My aunt and uncle are visiting my mom all the way
from Virginia. They are here to attend a 50th reunion
for Uncle Al's college (Franklin College). That's the college
my dad attended as well.

Below is a sweet picture of Elijah with Uncle Al who
is my dad's brother. Dad and Uncle Al were best friends.

When Aunt Karen and Uncle Al attended the college reunion, Uncle Al
wore Dad's Franklin ball cap in memory of him. Such a tender thing to do.

I think we are all just missing Dad so very much.


Madeleine said...

Oh those pictures are precious and priceless!!

I am assuming your daddy is no longer on this side of heaven, and I am so very sorry for your lose if that is the case.

But it is good to have your Uncle around! He seems to enjoy those boys plenty.

And you tell Ted to come on over and we will take him to the parade. lol.

Janet and Kevin said...


Yes, our dad and grandpa passed away December 1 last year. He did get to meet and love Philip but never got to see his fourth grandson Elijah! I remember stepping off the plane when we flew home from China with Elijah and the grief of Dad not being there just hitting us in the gut. It was such a sad time to lose him here, but God's timing is perfect as he brought a new life into our lives (Elijah) to love and hold. Our little boys have brought so much joy into our lives and my mom's this past year.

Thank you for your sweet comments.

That was too funny what you said about Ted too! He will watch this Thanksgiving's Day parade knowing we know somone there!! :)

Maybe someday in years to come we will venture to NYC for the parade and watch it with you all!

Chasity said...

Such a sweet picture....Eli looks like he is so incredibly happy to be with grandpa. Adorable!