Family picture

Family picture

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ahhh, Christmas Memories

We had our second annual "Decorating of the Gingerbread Houses" today with the grandmothers.

We had a blast!

Some houses were easier than others to make.

Some had a little bit more difficulty than others - hee, hee!

Not naming names or anything.

It was so much fun!

Not everyone participated in the decorating.

Some played with play-doh and even put it in their mouth! Who could that be??

Having the annual "Decorating of the Gingerbread Houses"
is definitely something we should do again next.

Who knows?

Maybe there will be prizes next year!


Pam said...

Oh what fun. And what sweet memories!

jasnjoj said...

What a neat idea to do this with Grandmothers! I think we have that exact same Wilton kit...did it have 5 little buildings total? We can't wait to decorate ours!

Janet and Kevin said...

Yes, it did have five buildings. However, we all had so much difficulty getting them to look right that we just threw away the fifth building because it looked too hard! Ha, ha!!

Madeleine said...

What a great idea!!

Maybe something WE will incoprporate now that I am going to be a grandmother!! :D lol

And how lovely that you oldest son was in on the joy. He looks at home and it is a beautiful sight to see, him enjoying his grandmothers. Not enough of that in the world if you ask me.

I pray for a beautiful Christmas in your home.

Wolfe's Home said...

We had this same kit! We worked on our Saturday and I'll post pictures soon. Fun times!