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Sunday, December 19, 2010


This post is a Memorial Monday post. I wrote our first one here. Our God is so good to us. When we see Him working in our lives, we want to find a way to memorialize it just as the Israelites did. Then, because we often tend to forget about the miracles He sends our way, we only have to look in our Memorial Box to remember His goodness. The following story is a good one to remember.

Our home study is moving right along. Today is our last visit with our social worker, and then she will have it ready for review!

Whoo - hoo!

Next stop will be CIS for our fingerprints and clearance from our country to adopt from China.

But first there was this little thing about the fee that is due today.

It is a smacking $800 - which in light of how much an adoption costs from start to finish isn't that much really.

But for us . . .

Right now . . .

And at Christmas time, too . . .

It was going to be tough to come up with.

So we have been praying. . . . . . . . . . Knowing that when God leads, He provides.

We had raised part of the amount through the jewelry party Becky (my sister-in-law's sister) had given us. We were so humbled and touched by Becky's gesture and by the sweet people who ordered from her. Some people even gave us a donation instead of ordering jewelry, and that went into our fund a well. How amazing to be walking along in church or opening a card I had received in the mail to find a donation to our adoption!

Still, as of Thursday night we were about three hundred short.

Wondering how He was going to work it out.

Then the phone call came that Ted's clarinet we were having repaired to be sold would be ready by this weekend, and the profit would be a little over what we had expected.

But, still, a little short.

Then we opened up a Christmas card yesterday from a sweet family from our church. It seems they also had enclosed a check for our Sophia fund. That amount helped make up the shortage.

We will be putting a small piece of jewelry, musical note (for the clarinet sold) and a Christmas card into our Memorial Box to remind us of God's unfailing promises. Where He leads, He will provide.

What a nice Christmas surprise!

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