Family picture

Family picture

Monday, December 27, 2010

Elijah's first Christmas home

Here are a few pictures from Elijah's first Christmas home, surrounded by love, enjoying celebrating Christ's birth. What a Christmas!

From baking a birthday cake for Jesus,

Reading the Christmas story,

Waiting patiently to open presents,

Taking time to hug the furry children,

Helping Papa,

And Teddy, too,

to the beautiful extended family celebrations at both grandmas' homes,

It will be a Christmas for our treasured memories.

The significance of the moment wasn't lost on anyone within earshot at Gram Bourke's when Philip proudly announced that Elijah should go first since it was his first Christmas home. There wasn't a dry eye to be had.

His first Christmas home, his first Christmas ever.

His first of many to come.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Jen said...

Ok Janet, there isn't a dry eye in this chair either!!! So glad you and your family had a Blessed Christmas!!

chrisandlaura96 said...

That is SO special. We felt the same way as we celebrated Max's first Christmas but you spelled it out so beautifully in your post. Merry Christmas!

Wolfe's Home said...

Shoot, you got tears in my eyes, too! What a sweet big brother.

Cathy said...

Beautiful. Especially your family picture.