Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CIS here we come!



When I left off sharing about how God was providing for our adoption expenses so far back on December 19th, we had one more home study expense and then the huge CIS expense due in pretty quick fashion since our homestudy was almost completed.

Well, I can tell you that it was nothing short of a miracle~!

Nothing like we have ever expereinced before~!

Checks began pouring in to cover the remaining homestudy fee so that by the time we needed it, which was, we had it!

Then the checks began to pour in to cover the Citizen and Immigrat*on fees that would be needed shortly after the homestudy was completed.

We received checks from travel buddies, blog buddies, family, and friends alike.

It has been simply amazing and so humbling to see God work on Sophia Lin's behalf~!

Kevin even went into his school over Christmas break to check something and happened to see a check in his mailbox for $438! Just sitting there! It was a stipend that the school system had given to him. What a surprise!

And yet it wasn't really a surprise because we are learning that

when God says he is going to provide,


He provides!

One of the sweetest things ever happened a little after finding Kevin's check when Philip, who had been watching and listening to us as we received check after check, quietly went over to his piggy bank and removed $2.

He came running over to me with eyes full of excitement and said,

"Here. Take my money to use for Sophia, too!"

Thank you dear sweet Jesus for your abundant provision.

Thank you to all of you sweet people who felt called to give to our Sophia Lin.

Our cups runneth over.


jasnjoj said...

Yes indeed, your cup runneth over...and I'm so glad that we have a front-row seat to witness it all, Janet!

Cathy said...

Oh when I read about Philip doing his part to help bring his sister home, my eyes brimmed with tears. You'll have to remember to remind him later!