Family picture

Family picture

Friday, January 14, 2011

He is ours!

Yesterday was a big day in the life of Elijah Jiehao and us, his forever family!
We had his last post-placement visit home that will give a report to Ch*na on how he is doing in his new life.
Now he is really, truly offically ours!

Our youngest sons with our wonderful social worker, Diane,
who helped bring home our second Ch*na treasure.

Happy little boys - happy Mommy and Papa!!

Later on we met big brother and went out to eat to celebrate this special milestone!

Oh happy day!


Jean said...


Such a blessing! I love seeing your two boys together!!

How are you doing on your journey to Sophia?

Madeleine said...

We had our last post placement last friday for Elena!!

But of coure, we are not done with the social worker thing. lol.

Beautiful family picture. <3

Wolfe's Home said...

I love getting that final requirement completed. It feels so final, so completely final. Horray!