Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Once a year in preschool, Philip gets to bring home
the classroom stuffed animal for a weekend.
The idea is to play with the animal and tell about it in a classroom book,
complete with pictures of the time together. So that is what we are doing
this weekend!!

Sunny liked playing in the tent with Philip.

He even enjoyed the tunnel!

So fun to see life through the wonderful imagination of a child!


Jen said...

Sunny couldn't have a sweeter friend for the weekend!!!!

Cathy said...

We loved it when Sunny came over to play, so Glad to see Sunny is having such a great time at Philip's house too!

Jean said...

So cute!! Will Philip be in Kindergarten next year or pre- K again? Are you homeschooling or sending?? Just wondering!