Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School and This and That

I am beginning a tradition, like my dear friend Joli, to take a picture (or pictures) of our darling littles the first day of each school year to document their school days.

Here are some of those pictures of our first official day of homeschooling. We have "technically" already started school because of all of those really cool field trips in Ch*na and because yesterday we just kind of happened into beginning school, but today was our "official" start day.

We had so much fun, and Kevin gets to be a part of it since he is still on adoption leave. There was so much singing and dancing going on today, you might have been tempted to think we were the VonTrapp family.

Almost, but not quite! Hee, hee!

After seeing the dentist today, we found out that Sophia has to have several things done in her mouth including a tooth extraction, two cavities filled, silver crowns on those teeth, some bonding on two more teeth and a few other things, too.

Would you pray for our sweet daughter next Friday, September 9th, as we have these things done? Our pediatric dentist feels that she would do better being put under for a brief time at the hospital to have all of the things done at once instead of continually bringing her into the office, giving her gas, and doing each procedure separately.

That is also the day the I am taking Philip back to his surgeon to see if steriod shots in his nose incision would benefit his scarring, stopping it in its tracks.

It will be a busy day!


Madeleine said...

Poor sweet girl. I agree, get it done all in one shot and move on.

And YaY for the first day of school!! I have pictures of the first day of school from all our kids. :D even the almost 26 year old. lol.

I will pray for the journey and the joy. I love the way your family looks. <3 :D

CNJ said...

I just love seeing your 3 littles together!
And, I am so happy you have a willing dentist that will do the dental work under anesthesia. We established a very big fear of dentists with Claire because her 2nd visit did not go well. We've spent over a year trying to overcome that. I so wish we would have been able to do it under anesthesia.

living4him5 said...

Hi Janet,

LOVE all the pictures of your first day of homeschool!!!!

I'm be praying for Sophie. Madelyn had to get a lot of dental work done as well. :(