Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello from our family

We have been continuing to settle in and are now stretching out a little with our Miss Sophia.

Kevin and I took our littles to an apple orchard recently because I am doing an apple unit in homeschooling.  So fun to be teaching these three - what an amazing priviledge it is to be doing so. 

We are also continuing our work to get our team to Philip Hayden's Shepherds Field Children's Village next summer to serve for a week at our Philip's China Home.  Below is a picture of some of my cheer section for our walk-a-thon held last Saturday!

A beautiful day for an awesome cause - James 1:27 

Here are some of our peeps from our group before our "Walking to China" walk-a-thon. 

Sophia's adjustment period is going so well.  At times, and really not very often, Sophia will get a far away look in her eyes and go away from us emotionally for a bit.  She does have times of grief evidenced by emotions written all over her face and the tears that fall, but she also is marching forward, loving being enveloped into her new forever family.  We look forward to the day she can tell us what she is feeling so we know how to best help her.  For now, loving embraces and plenty of family bonding time will have to suffice.

She is a treasure beyond compare, and we are all so happy to have her home.  She completes our family.  All those years of longing for another child to join us have vanished. 

Thank you God for your amazing blessings.

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Ginger said...

Hey Janet!
So happy to read that your little girl is doing well!! Looks like she is enjoying having brothers.
We still need to get together!