Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick "Hello"

A quick update on the happenings around here. . . .

Our littlest son is doing very well now with adjusting back to our "real life." He took some time to adjust, and he acted out quite a bit in Ch*na and here at home, but now he is having so many happy times again and really making an effort to control his behavior!

Way to go Eli!

Philip is doing well but came down with a fever of
101 shortly after we took this picture today. Will be calling his doctor first tomorrow morning!

Our newest Ch*na treausre is adjusting amazingly well! We keep pinching ourselves to make sure this is really happening. Both Philip's and Eli's initial bonding and adjustment period did not go smoothly at all, so we are a little bit dismayed that Sophia is adjusting so well! Thank you God for this gift! We will happily take it!

Even though it has been a fairly easy transition for all of us, at times it has been difficult for our daughter due to some physical issues. She is on medicine to treat ringworm and another medicine to treat intestinal parasites! Then a couple of days ago, just two weeks after coming home, she did have to undergo dental surgery.

Our dentist felt it was best to put her "under" to take care of everything at once. (Sophia had to have a tooth pulled, four cavities filled, caps on two teeth, etc.!) Ouch! The night after and the next morning were a bit rough, but then she bounced back. We notice that she doesn't wince each time she eats now! That is a praise!

So, all in all, life is getting back to "normal" - whatever that is for our family anyway! We are enjoying having a houseful of little squeals and peals of laughter, feet running here and there, and lots and lots of hugs in between! Saying that our cups runneth over would be an understatement!


Jean said...

How incredibly wonderful! So so heartwarming!!

You two deserve an easy adjustment!! It was time!! Sam and Ava have been our easiest so far!

I am so sorry I did not email back- I am feeling... a little buried lately- lots going on...

Our Luke has lots of cavities and I am guessing Mia does too! Anna is going in to have 7 cavities taken care of- ugh is right!!

Love your pics and hoping Philip feels better soon!

Wolfe's Home said...

Joy, joy for you! Hang in there through the tough times with His strength and peace.

Hugs from Missouri!