Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen indeed!
Happy Easter everyone.
Our precious children already home.
Our poor children. . .they don't have any candy.
It might just take us until summer to down all of the candy
they have collected in the last couple of days! 
Easter dudes in fancy duds
Playing tag with Miss DiDi before the egg hunt yesterday
The 5 and under group waiting to begin the hunt
Trying to hold the 6 and up group at bay so the little
ones can have their hunt - too funny!
Ok, now it's their turn!
Shifting through their loot


Emily said...

Happy Easter, Janet and gang!

And next year there will be one more sweet girl added to the mix! I can't wait!

We've got way too much candy around here also!


Lorrie said...

Great pictures. I'm sure fun was had by all. Thank you for sharing, Bourke family!