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Family picture

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 19

March 19, 2005
Ted was getting ready to graduate from high school and we were learning to let go of him a little at a time so he could go off to college and then "fly" on his own . . .
Such a bittersweet time for parents . . .
Ted's senior year had been a series of "good-byes" and "last times" for many things like senior night of the cross country team, the choir, the band, swimming, etc.  Kevin and I spent a lot of time brushing back tears as we said "good-bye" to Ted's growing up years.
But half a world away on March 19, 2005, a different kind of "good-bye" was taking place - one that would profoundly effect the three of us. . .
A little baby boy was being born to a birth mom who couldn't keep him.  A day or so later he would be placed in a finding spot, rescued by a policeman, taken to an orphanage, and then three months later placed in a foster village until his "real" family could find him. 
Oh be still my heart - this is
the picture that took our breath away!
Now, eight years later (and almost five years home), our Philip Bao is turning eight. 

We still marvel at God's timing.  As we were letting go of our "only child" (that we knew about),  Philip's China mommy was "letting go" of him so he could have a better life. 

Philip is the second child out of four to join our family.  Kevin and I never could have imagined the amazing and overwhelmingly joyful turn our lives would take.  But God knew!  Thanking Him for the blessing of Philip (and all of our children).

Happy Birthday Buddy.  We all love you so.


Madeleine said...


I 'introduced' your family to my husband tongiht, and he was fascinated!! Love to see families that are perfect combinations of love. <3

Wolfe's Home said...

Happy birthday, Philip! Hope you have a spectacular day!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Philip! What a beautiful story of the timing of his birth. Love that!


Jean said...

Happy Birthday to your dear boy!

Children are such a blessing!

It is amazing to look back and realize how our DEAR LORD has orchestrated everything!

Diana said...

I know you will have a very Happy Birthday Philip,have read your blog for years and it is so obvious how much you and your brother's and sister are loved.
God Bless all of you.

Diana MC.

Lorrie said...

I love this story, Janet! I also loved meeting your little guy a while Lowes. What a charmer!