Family picture

Family picture

Monday, March 25, 2013

There is a very special little girl half way around the world who doesn't know she has a family yet!

But we know!

God is good.  He is bringing another precious child to join our family.  We have locked in the file of a beautiful little girl who will someday be called Gracie Mei.

Just wanted you all to know!  Details will follow as soon as we know we have PA!


jan said...

i just knew it!!!! so stinking awesome! how old?

let the paperchase begin :)

love, jan

Emily said...

I am so very happy for your family, Janet. And for Gracie Mei!!!! And what an amazing story she has!


Madeleine said...

WhAt??!!??!! That is AWESOME Janet!!!

I cannot wait to hear EVERYTHING! <3

The Fischer Family said...

Congrats, friend. I am so happy for you. I guess you will need a new blog name... 5 fingerprints now :) So exciting!!

Jean said...

Praising GOD and rejoicing with you!!
Can't wait until you can share more!! I love love love her name!

Wolfe's Home said...

Woo hoo!!!!!!