Family picture

Family picture

Monday, March 31, 2014

Gracie Update

Gracie's behavior just keeps getting better and better! 

Gone is that scared, overwhelmed, angry, impatient little girl.

 Now we see sweetness, mild outbursts, and really wanting to be part of the family kind of behavior

There are days and times that she reverts back to what we call "orphanage behavior," but those times are less and less.
Several times a day we stand back and marvel at what God has already done in Grace's life and ours. 
Sometimes I think that it isn't just the new child that changes so, but also it is that our hearts expand and grow. 
Maybe it's a little of both, really. 
Or a lot.  


McChesney Family said...

beautiful and blessed family

Wolfes Home said...

Yay! Wonderful update.