Family picture

Family picture

Monday, March 17, 2014

How are we doing this far into the transition time?

Today, March 17th (St. Paddy's Day)
Gracie has been ours for one month!
Many people want to know how she is doing with the huge transition in her life. 
We have had a fair share of ups and downs, and Gracie (who came home so delayed) has a long road ahead of her,
But, this we know. . .
She loves sleeping in a comfy bed with lots of warm, soft blankets to cover her.  She loves having lots of good food to eat (and some junk food, too!)  She loves giggling and being silly.  She loves having toys with which to play, and she is beginning to love being in school at our home. 
But most of all, she loves belonging . . .
She loves having a family of her own! 
So amazing to see the early beginnings of our diamond in the rough starting to shine!


Madeleine said...

I started crying when I scrolled down these pictures.

Praying and loving it.

The one with her still my heart. <3

please continue to post!!!!!

Steph F said...

So so happy to see your update. I watched your trip on the other site and I've been worrying and wondering how Gracie was doing.

She's just SO beautiful. That smile could light up much more than just a room. I'm very happy for all of you to hear that she is beginning to adjust.

I hope you'll continue to update on her progress. Gracie grabbed many hearts!


Emily said...

Your girl just shines!


Wolfes Home said...

I love watching these transformations!