Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Home and adjusting to a new normal

We arrived back home Wednesday night, February 26th, to a gathering of our loved ones welcoming us back. 
Happy to be heading home  
(our dear friend Deidra and my Sophia)
A homecoming at the airport
Gracie meeting her daddy and brothers for the first time
Looking a little travel weary, but so happy to be home
(Our first picture as a family of 7)
A little overwhelmed and getting a look at her new
bedroom for the first time
Beginning to play in her new home
Philip and Elijah sharing the moment with Gracie
Home Sweet Home


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

BEAUTIFUL!! One less orphan, one less broken heart!


Wolfes Home said...

Yay!! Praying for your continued adjustment. Hugs!

Devon said...

Hi Janet,
I came across your story at the my adoption website. I recognized Gracie from a video on my agency's website and realized her and my son are from the same orphanage! She is only in the video for a few seconds, but she seemed so sweet! I'm so happy her forever family has found her.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know about the video. It's at, click on the partnership link, then on the financial partnership link. It's the Christmas in the orphanage video.
So happy for your family!

Janet and Kevin said...

Devon - thank you so much for pointing us to the video with our Gracie in it! Such a treat to get to see her smiling face at her orphanage and know that she is home! Have you brought your son home yet?

Devon said...

Not yet. We are still awaiting our I800a to come back, so we can submit our dossier. We're hoping to travel in the fall!