Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, April 25, 2010

His voice

Ted and his dad

Ted sang in the Praise and Worship team this morning at church, and it is always a delight for me when he does that.

I love the fact that he loves to sing praise and worship to our God.

I love the fact that I can look at Ted's sweet face while we are singing.

I love the fact that I can recognize Ted's beautiful voice above the rest of the team and the entire congregation. Sometimes, I even stop singing so I can close my eyes and hear his voice more clearly.

It's a voice I dearly love that belongs to a son I dearly love! Oh, how we love our Ted.

It reminded me of another voice of one we dearly love.

A voice that often we have to be still and listen to hear.

Not unlike me stopping my singing in the midst of a crowd to hear Ted more clearly.

That voice belongs to our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ.

I need to be reminded to stop and listen to him. Today was a good reminder.

Because when you do stop and listen, you will find

that He has the most beautiful voice of all!


living4him5 said...

I bet it was a proud moment for you!!! You should video him next time and post it, I would love to hear him sing!!

Hope your neck is better soon!

Amy <><

Cathy said...

That Still Small voice is why we chose Sam's middle name as Elijah, from 1 Kings 19. Is that why you chose Elijah too? For the still small voice beckoning you to bring him home? He's not a small voice anymore!