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Family picture

Friday, April 23, 2010

A nice little rest

Yesterday was the day of my MRI. . .

I had had several people tell me horror stories
about how tight a fit they were

About how loud they were

About how uncomfortable they were

Sad but true, I didn't find that to be the case.

In fact, after falling asleep and taking a nice little rest,

I found the whole experience to be quite pleasant!

The sweet tech who ran the machine also was
a brother to a new 18-month old brother
whom his parents had just adopted.

So he totally understood that when he asked how
I was doing about halfway through the test,

I replied, "Oh, this is so much more peace and quiet
than I have had at home since February!"

He didn't laugh or judge.

He just said, "Well, you take your rest where you can
get it!"

The whole thing from start to finish kind of
felt like a spa experience!

I didn't mind the helmet holding my head in place,

I didn't mind the rigid board I was lying on,

I didn't even mind the noise of the machine
(because it wasn't half as loud as a screaming toddler)

In fact, I had the brilliant thought while in the
machine for almost an hour that NO ONE
could get to me to need something! Ha, ha!

All in all, I left that appointment fairly well rested!
(and ready to hug two adorable little boys
back at home who had completely tired out
their grandma!)


Lori said...

Bahahaha! Make me an appointment!!! It sounds fabulous!

Janet and Kevin said...

Doesn't it! Lori, I remember your descriptions of doctor's appt. feeling like a treat! Hee, hee. It's the simple things of life now that matter!

Chasity said...

You amazing women...I have had it done and they had to redo it many times because I was Just couldn't handle the closed in, tight experience. I'm praying your neck is healing well and you get the rest you need. Many hugs and kisses to you!

Jocelyn-Chris said...

That's a pretty expensive little get-away, but glad you enjoyed it. We moms will go to extreme measures for some peace and "quiet". Ha!



Jean said...

Okay- I absolutely love this post! Can I please have an MRI! (and they aren't even home yet!) I am sure I would love it and get a little nap at the same time! Love the comment on how at that moment NO ONE could get to you!

Praying for your discomfort to go away...

Bless you dear friend! It is so challenging and yet so rewarding!

Pam said...

I understand! Really I do! :)

I also understand about teeh neck pain as several years ago, I dealt with the same thing. Discs in my neck that pressed on a nerve that went down my arm. Ouch! Praying you find some relief soon.

jasnjoj said...

TOO funny, Janet! I totally understand, though - I had surgery back in November, and totally enjoyed the rest/recuperation portion for a couple of weeks, because other people were watching my children during the day!