Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random pictures

Just some random pictures of so much cuteness!

Our little boys - too cute for words

Our little boys with our good friends, Tim and Anna
(who, by the way, are pursuing international adoption as I write!
They are almost empty-nesters, too!)

Even these big boys are cute!

Eli enjoying the slide

Philip (or is that Farmer Brown??) getting
ready to help Papa in the garden


Pam said...

Be still my heart.... Something about little boys in vests....Seeing your too cuties reminds of me of Easters when my boys were younger and wore their vests. So cute!

jasnjoj said...

OH, you have too many handsome fellows at your house, Janet - I don't know how you can stand it!

Chasity said...

Those precious boys of yours...I just love them! All 3 by the way! I love Philip's farmer brown outfit...he's a doll! Eli is s sweetie on his slide!