Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ahhh, happiness is . . .

Happiness is . . .
God's love in your life,
The love of a family,
A warm and comfy place to sleep,
to play, to live,
And a full belly . . .
All of this and more is Elijah's now!


living4him5 said...

Oh my goodness, his is too precious eating up his yogurt!

As my grandma would say "God love it" =)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jean said...

That is one happy boy!!

And I couldn't agree more!!

Madeleine said...


What wonderful news!!! ***doing the happy dance***

Oh this is so exciting, and it will go SO VERY SLOW NOW that you know and need her here NOW! lol.

I will pray for yous.

And he is a cutie pie. Man I would be kissing that face all day long. lol