Family picture

Family picture

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cute little trick-or-treaters!

There were some pretty cute goings-on
at our house for Trick-or-Treat night.

Spiderman and his side kick Thomas the Train

They are a sight!

Checking out the pumpkin innards!

Elijah was not too impressed with scooping out the insides.

Finally, Eli felt a little bit more comfortable and began
to enjoy carving the pumpkin.

Once Elijah and Philip started going from house to house getting candy, Eli REALLY began to enjoy the evening. Amazing what a little candy can do!


Suzanne said...

How fun! It must be a blast doing it all over again with your little guys. I can't wait till it is my turn to do it again. My baby will be 18 in a week!

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Pam said...

Oh, how cute your little guys are! And yes, amazing what a little candy can do for a little fellow! :)

Your new blog look is great! I'm thinking you may need be needing to change your title soon. :)

Jean said...

You have two adorable trick or treaters!

Love the new blog look!! It's so cheery!!

Madeleine said...

I heart the new look. Very very much. :D

And I like the pictures of the boys, young & old. Very very much.

And as you well know, a little girl is going to look fabulous amongst all of them.

Can't wait !!!!