Family picture

Family picture

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet Sophia Lin

Today we got our PA (pre-approval)
Isn't she beautiful!


Jean said...

Congratulations!! You are on your way!!

Yes- she is beautiful!!
Looks like she may be missing her front teeth!
Too Cute!!

Lori said...

Oh my gracious, YES, she is absolutely gorgeous!!

I'm so excited for you guys! You are going to have SO MUCH fun with a girly!!


jasnjoj said...

LOVE that snaggle-tooth grin!!! So happy for ALL of you!

Jen said...

Oh my word, Janet.....Sophia is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! It's all happening so fast! I am thrilled for you.


Pam said...

Oh, Janet. Oh, Janet. She is just LOVELY. Congratulations on PA!

Cathy said...

She is just beautiful! And those cute missing front teeth, so sweet! Congratulations on this next step!

Kathy said...

She is beautiful!

Madeleine said...

She. Is. Perfect.

And I want to cry for the joy & the peace that she will bring you all.

And I am so very happy for you, I can't even write something good on here. I sould like a bumbling fool.

But I am good with that.

living4him5 said...

She is so precious!

vince and marcy said...

Hey Bourke's,
What a beauty! I love the missing teeth - very sweet! Keep us posted!