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Family picture

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Our friend Linny from A Place Called Simplicity and our friend Jocelyn from Wolfe's Home do a post every so often called Memorial Monday. In the book of Joshua, Joshua has the Israelites bring twelve stones from the Jordan River to set up in the camp. This would remind the Israelites about God's power and provision for generations to come. Both Linny and Jocelyn even have a shelf or box to place items in to remind their family of how great our God is and what He has done in their families.

I have a story for Memorial Monday that shows God's power and supernatural might in our ordinary human lives. It happened a couple of weeks ago.

As I mentioned in the post about our garage sale, we had been praying for enough money to begin our home study. We needed $1,000. Our garage sale started out slow, very slow. In fact, the lack of traffic at our sale caused Kevin and me to pray even harder. We felt sure we had been led to go through our home, clean it out, and sell things to bring in funds for our third adoption. We had done that, and here it was garage sale time.

And yet, we had hardly sold anything by the end of the first day.

Our friend Britt stopped by at the end of day one and even prayed with us that God might bring more people to our sale the next day. When I checked our blog later that evening, I saw a comment from Suzanne that said she was praying for God to bring a boatload of people to the sale as well.

And another thing happened that day.

At the end of the day the last customer was someone who looked very familiar to Kevin, but he just couldn't remember where he knew her. He kept whispering to me behind her back that he knew he knew her but could not remember where!

This sweet lady and I got into a conversation about why we were having this particular sale. I shared with her that it was to raise money for our daughter in China to come home. She shared a story about God's leading and provision by telling us how her church had just purchased a new building after a long and stressful time of looking for just the right place. It was a story that showed God's power and provision. She promised to pray for us and took out a pencil and pad of paper to write down our names. When I told her what our last name was, she said, "Oh, I know your husband. He was my son's wrestling coach years ago!" Talk about a divine appointment. Her promise to pray for us bolstered our spirits.

The next day, we were so busy that Kevin had to stay home with me to help man the sale because we had a steady stream of people coming to look. Many things were bought that day, and by day's end, we had made $500. A great garage sale - to be sure!


We still needed to come up with another $500 to pay the first installment of our home study by the Friday after next. We prayed and we prayed throughout that week and into the next week. It seemed that God was once again silent. It was our prayer that if He didn't want us to continue, He would shut doors. I e-mailed our homestudy agency on Thursday morning and explained that even though we felt God would provide if He wanted us to go further, He had not provided the entire $1,000. We were supposed to attend one of their meetings the next day, Friday, October 29th. Would they want us to come even though we could not pay?

They said to come ahead to the meeting, and they would roll over the fee when we felt we could pay for it. That didn't feel right, and so still we prayed, wondering if God was indeed shutting the doors to our Sophia.

When Kevin came home that afternoon, less than 24 hours before we needed to attend our homestudy meeting, he said that his friend had paid him his share of the house they had just finished painting.

The amount he had in his pocket?


I guess you could say God is still opening the door to our bringing home Sophia! What do you think?

Oh, by the way, there was a shelf in our garage sale that didn't sell, just the thing that would be perfect for a Memorial Box. I think we will bring it back into our home, hang it on the wall, and put a garage sale price tag in it to remind us of God's power and provision for that first installment of our homestudy.


Madeleine said...


I needed a story like this today. I needed a story of GOD's faithfulness.

I needed to remember how great our GOD is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

jasnjoj said...

I have goose bumps, Janet! Thank you so much for sharing this God-story! I hope this is just the first of many Memorial Monday stories that you will share!

Debbie said...

Just started reading your blog. Love the simple sweetness of it.

Jocelyn-Chris said...

Oh Janet! This is a wonderful start to your Memorial Box, or Shelf as it may be! How exciting to see the fingerprints of God.