Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Awww - another birthday at our house - guess who?

Guess who had a birthday a couple of days ago at our house?

I'll give you a hint.

He loves The Andy Griffith Show,hence the reason we went to The Mayberry Cafe for his birthday.

Another hint -

he loves to hang out with his family and he takes

such good care of all of us . . .

Still another hint -

he shows such a wonderful example of what following Christ is all about

by the way he lives his life

Still another hint -

we all are crazy about him and love him dearly

If you guessed Kevin, you would be right!

Happy Birthday Kevin (also known as Dad and Papa)

You are the greatest!


Jean said...

FYI- I guessed right! The Andy Griffith statement gave it away!

Just last night I made a comment about the Doby Gillis show! I had to bite my tongue!- Just so you know I was very very young at that time!
But the waiter reminded me of Maynard G Krebbs!

Happy Birthday Kevin!! You are an awesome Dad!! Hope you had a great day!!

trina said...

Hi Janet! Kathy reminded me of your blog and told me your news. Your boys are adorable and I'm assuming little Sophia Lin will be coming home soon! We have 6 kiddos (three bio and three from China)...and would love to add more. :) Can't wait to follow your journey to Sophia. Sweet girl. And Happy Birthday, Kevin!!! trina
PS: Our oldest daughter designed Linny's blog and we follow over half of the same blogs. Small world.