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Family picture

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big News at Our House!

This is really big news at our house . . .

After a year-long-search for a full-time teaching position . . .

Ted has found a great one!

The story is quite remarkable and really makes for a Memorial Box Monday, but the news is too good to wait until Monday to share!

When we traveled to Ch*na to bring home Philip, we met another couple (Christine and Steve) who was bringing home their daughter. We had a lot in common with this couple because they were both teachers and were also bringing home their second child.

We have kept in contact with Philip's travel group, and we even shared our blog and facebook each other.

Well, last August when Ted was deeply discouraged about not finding a full-time job yet, he was at a small church service on Sunday night where his friends were praying for his job situation for a long time.

That same night, Christine happened upon my blog post about Ted's lack of a job.

Christine called the next day and said that even though she knew the last thing that Ted probably wanted was to work in preschool (he is licensed to teach English in secondary education and has a Theatre directing major as well), she was in desperate need of a teaching assistant for the coming year. Would he be interested?

Oh, yes, and she mentioned she had seen our blog the night before.

Right when Ted's friends had been praying!

The timing was too perfect, too Godly, to ignore.

He took the job and has loved every minute of it! Working with little kids (the ages of his brothers) has been a joy to Ted this past year. He has learned so much from Christine and built strong friendships with Christine and her family and many staff members. He also taught a puppet class once a week to little ones and co-taught a theatre class to middlle school students with another teacher he once worked with at Ball State! In fact, the middle school students are putting on a play in a couple of weeks with Ted helping to direct them.

For the last couple of months there has been a hint of a job prospect at this school, but nothing substantial, so Ted has been job searching big time! He has sent out so many resumes and followed up and even gone to job fairs, spending almost every free moment job searching. It has been exhausting for him.

That all has come to a halt because yesterday he was offered a full-time teaching position for next year at the school he has come to dearly love!

Only God could have orchastrated such a year for our oldest son. It has been a year full of not only learning from the teachers at the school, but mostly learning from our God. Ted has learned obedience to God from fasting and praying and waiting to see where His leading takes Ted, even when the way did not look clear. He has learned that trusting in our Lord trumps everything and is the only way to go!

When he took the assistant position last August, it was not a full-time job with benefits or even in Ted's field of study,

But God . . .

What a great year! What a great God we serve!


Michelle said...

Oh how wonderful for Ted and your family. God works in mysterious ways! (I am a lurker on your blog...following from Philip's journey onto Elijah and I can't wait for Sophia to join in the fun of the boys!

jasnjoj said...

OH, YAY! Give Ted a big hug - and tell him "Congratulations" from us, please!

Pam said...

I am so happy for Ted! What a wonderful, wonderful story!

Wolfe's Home said...

Woo hoo! Congrats, Ted!