Family picture

Family picture

Friday, May 27, 2011

The day after for Philip

This is Philip a day later and playing at home.

I wanted to post this picture to show you the results already!

We are thrilled! Even though he is swollen and a little bloody, we can easily see the results.

His lip is in line right now and straight across, not at all pulled up with a ropey scar. His one nostril has been moved out a little to help it be more like the other side.

As you can see, he has clear plastic stints in his nose to help keep the scarring at bay there. The doctor said that the inside of his nose was horrible scarred. He may have to wear these stints more than one month. They are held in place by a big blue stitch.

We so appreciate your prayers for our little son yesterday. They played a huge part in the success of his day. We ask for continued prayers for his healing, that God will heal his wounds without the large, ropey scarring. Then all of the beautiful work He allowed our doctor to do yesterday will stay in place!


Jean said...

Yay!! He looks fabulous! The Dr did a great job!!
Continuing to pray for Philip!!

Cathy said...

Oh my word, he looks amazing! That's an amazing transformation. I was just checking in to see his recovery, I'm so happy you are home already. So are we! We got 1 blue stitch too, and a tube to hang on to for 3 weeks. God is surely keeping his hands on these boys this week - Amen!

Madeleine said...

PRAISE GOD!!! We will continue to pray for that sweet boy. <3