Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hooking up again with Linny's call to pray and fast

Our dear friend Linny, of A Place Called Simplicity, is calling people to fast and pray for many who are in need of prayers. Click here to read her post about it.

We are honored to pray for the many families who will post on her blog today.

The network of adoptive families around the world is such a close-knit bunch, and we are so touched to be a part of that bunch.

We love the orphan and the children who are orphans no more!

Won't you join in prayer on May 4th with us?

This is a picture of our daughter who is waiting for us in Ch*na.

She is 7-years-old and needs to come home.

We have been very delayed in getting our adoption tax credit refund this year and have had to send in all kinds of documentation. Each time I have phoned, I have gotten someone very nice but no response as to when the refund might be coming. This has gone on a long time. Finally, some kind lady today had me call the taxpayer advocate office.

They took our case and said they would help us speed things up.

Could you pray with us that we receive that refund soon? It will help in this adoption so very much.

Could you also pray for our friend's husband who is currently in Ch*na right now receiving their two new sons, ages 4 and 12. You can visit Lori's website here. Please pray that God will give her husband an extra ounce of strength and stamina to do this solo. He is very tired but happy.

Wonderful, marvelous, amazing things happen when God's people join together in prayer.

Won't you join with us today?


jasnjoj said...

Taxpayer Advocate number!?!? OH, that sounds like something we need to know about! Our return is delayed also...we submitted it back in February. In fact, every single family that submitted a return using the Adoption Tax Credit refund is being reviewed this year...hence the delay. We also cannot pay for our adoption without that refund.

Madeleine said...

Oh Janet, I will pray for your finances. How frustrating!! And that beautiful little girl needs her mommy ( and daddy) right now.

And no, no news yet. :P lol

chrisandlaura96 said...

Janet, I missed your special prayer day yesterday but I will add my prayers for you and your beautiful little Sophia Lin today. We submitted our return in Feb as soon as we could and haven't heard back at all from the IRS. I've called and just been told that our paperwork has been transferred to another dept to review and that if they need anything extra we'll get a letter in a month or so. So frustrating isn't it?!! None of us had any idea it would take months and months when in the years past it's only been a few weeks of waiting. I hope you get yours soon!