Family picture

Family picture

Friday, September 18, 2009


A sweet and funny bloggy friend named Lori and her husband K-man are traveling right this very minute to Ch*na to bring home their new daughter Shu Li. They are parents already to two teenage boys and a little girl. Their youngest child was adopted from Ch*na about a month or so before we brought Philip home.

Their newest daughter still in Ch*na is older. She is 13 about to turn 14. They have been in a race against time to bring her home before she ages out of the orphanage system in Ch*na. They have trusted in God, and he has made a path for them to Shu Li just in the nick of time. You can follow their journey by clicking HERE!

If blogger is blocked in Ch*na and you can't access their site listed above, you can follow their journey by going to and clicking on Journey to Shu Li.

Lori never fails to bring a smile to my face. She is hilarious when posting about her "adventures" in life! She will brighten your day, too! :)

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