Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's been three days since our car accident, and we are doing well. Kevin and Philip have not shown any signs yet that they sustained any injuries! My concussion seems to be healing, too, each day. Thanking God for his protection and healing!

Thanking you guys for your praying!

Thanking our family for being there when we needed them - as they always are.

It looks like our new car may be totaled . . . praying that it all works out well and that we do not have any financial burden from the accident, especially right now as we are waiting to bring Eli home.

Praying when it is all said and done that we will once again have a safe and reliable vehicle. After a wild time with all of our vehicles a little over a month ago, we were finally feeling secure that all of our cars were in good shape again!

Oh well! Just proves that nothing is in our control! It has been a new lesson once again for us to give everything over to Christ! Whenever we begin to feel panicky about the situation, we just stop and pray and give it back to Him. We know He has it all worked out even when we can't see it quite yet. That gives us a reason to smile.

Here's another reason to smile. Just looking at this sweet face and realizing he is still here and not injured brings peace to our hearts.


Mom Of Many said...

Oh Janet!! I had no idea you had been in an accident. I am so sorry!!! We have been traveling so I have not been online much...WOW!

I am so thankful that you are all doing okay, all things considered. My gracious!! I will pray for complete healing for your concussion. How scarey! And I will pray for Philip, that God will comfort him and He will be free from fear. Accidents are very scarey - and to be hit twice - goodness be!

Praying - please keep us posted! Love, Linny

Jean said...

I am so sorry to hear of your accident. I hadn't visited for a little while so I missed it. I am very thankful that you are all okay- it is very traumatizing- poor Philip. The noise is so loud and unexplainable and the jolt so sudden and hard.

Hoping you are all feeling 100% soon.