Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, September 26, 2009


We could use your prayers right now. Our "huge honking car" as Philip likes to call our new (used) Mercury Margquis was hit from behind tonight, not once but twice. The couple who were driving ran from the scene as soon as they hit us the first time. Their SUV was still in drive and hit us a second time.

Philip and Kevin are fine. I have a slight head injury but am fine, too! I will just have a big headache for a couple of days! We are praising God that he let us walk away from that accident. Our huge honking car took most of the impact so we didn't have to!

Please pray for the couple who ran. We hope they are not hurt. They will be in big trouble with the law when they are found, too.

Please pray for Philip. He is very traumatized by the accident and worried all the way home that someone else was going to hit us from behind.

Please pray for my head, too. It really hurts!

We could also use prayers for the fixing of our car. We just bought it a little over a month ago! But we thank God about that, too, since it was so safe for us.

Throughout the ambulance ride to the hospital I kept thinking of a song with the words,

"Oh no you never let go, through the storm and through the calm. Oh no, you never let go through the highs and through the lows. Oh no, you never let go. Lord, you never let go of me." We know He never lets go! No matter what.


Jen said...

Oh my word Janet!!!! Thank God Almighty that everyone is ok!!! Praying that the pain and injury is soon healed!!!! If you need any help with the car......Ric is a Ford dealer! Just yell.

Cathy said...

So glad that you guys are ok.

Pam said...

Oh Janet, I am so glad to hear that everyone is all right. How scary for all of you, most especially Philip. I am praying for you.