Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Mystery! Oh My!!

Oh my!

We read The Gingerbread Man story yesterday.

We baked the gingerbread cookies, too.

Then today we discovered that 4 of the cookies
have run away!  Oh my!

Discovering the note telling us that the cookies
have run away to discover the world.  They
said they will be back before Christmas!

Where could they have gone?

Calling the grandmas to see if they have seen the cookies.

Telling Grammy all about it.

Does Grandma know where they went?  Sophia keeps saying,
"The book is right.  The book is right!"  She was listening
as the grandmas read the story yesterday!!

Three little children busy designing ways to get our cookies back!

Can you help us?  If anyone reading this post today happens to see our cookies, could you leave us a message telling us about the sighting?

I will post as soon as we have found them.

Thanks for your help.


Debbie said...

I saw them running through the snow in our backyard in Colorado. But they were so fast I din't have time to get my camera!

Sharon said...

I saw them riding the Space Needle in Seattle to view the beautiful mountains! They looked like they were having a ball!! They said they were going to grab a Starbucks coffee before they caught their next plane ride!

Anne said...

They decided to run up into British Columbia and visit with us Canadians before heading back. My little dog chased them and as I was trying to catch her they yelled Merry Christmas and ran off to their next stop.