Family picture

Family picture

Monday, December 5, 2011

Prayers for a great outcome

Posting tonight about Eli and Philip's surgeries tomorrow.  They both are needing to have their ear tubes replaced (third set), and Philip is going to receive steroid shots in his nose and lip incisions to help break down the excessive scarring taking place.  He will also have a little stitch inserted inside his nostril to help his nose shape and those stints put back in for a time.  The doctor actually wants him to keep the nostril stints in for up to 6 weeks!  Yikes!  That may be difficult to do because he is SO active all the time.

Could you please pray for wonderful outcomes for both boys as they enter back into surgery?  I realize that it is minor surgery compared to what they have undergone and what they will need in later years, but even minor surgeries turn mommy and daddy's tummy upside down.  Philip and Eli are also a little bit anxious remembering previous yucky recoveries.


living4him5 said...


God bless!
Amy <><

Michelle said...

Praying for all of you!