Family picture

Family picture

Friday, December 23, 2011

The gingerbread cookies have returned!

Working very hard to design just the right trap to
catch their cookies!

As it happened, our friend Luke stopped by yesterday morning and offered his
expertise on setting gingerbread traps.  Each year at his school, the first graders
make gingerbread men who always run away for a bit, and Luke was able
to offer valuable insight into how to best catch them!  Wonderful timing!

Carefully testing the traps

Yay!  They have returned, and the traps worked!

We are happy to report that our cookies have come home but not before they were spotted far and wide!

The grandmas kept an eye out for them yesterday but did not see them; however, many other people did!  Kevin's sister said they were by her school, our friend Cheryl called to say they were crossing a street where she was shopping, and four other people left cute comments letting us know they had also spotted them. 

Laura (our China travel buddy from Utah) said, "BTW, I think I see your missing gingerbread men in my backyard making snowmen!"

Three sweet bloggy friends also left comments saying:

Debbie:  I saw them running through the snow in our backyard in Colorado, but they were so fast I didn't have time to get my camera!

Sharon:  I saw them riding the Space Needle to view the beautiful mountains!  They looked like they were having a ball!  They said they were going to grab a Starbucks coffee before they caught their next plane ride!


Anne:  They decided to run up into British Columbia and visit us Canadians before heading back.  My little dog chased them, and as I was trying to catch her, they yelled "Merry Christmas" and ran off to their next stop!

Wow!  It seems our little cookies headed north then west in our city and then skipped west across our country and north up into Canada before heading home!  We found one lone little one at our local park yesterday afternoon, and the other three tired but happy cookies were found in our traps this morning.

Thank you to everyone who helped spot our cookies.  What a fun time we had hearing your comments. 

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

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