Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

Kevin had eye surgery last Thursday and was still home on Friday to recover.  He got to spend some lovely time with our littles helping me homeschool.  We all enjoyed this time with him.

He is doing well, by the way, and his eye is continuing to heal.

Our precious little ones at the zoo.

Complete joy!

There is a fellow Shepherd's Field mom traveling to the village soon, and she has asked fellow Philip Hayden families to send pictures of their children who once lived there to her.  She is going to design a bulletin board in the village of children now home with their forever families. 

The above three photos are some of the pictures we took of Philip to send to her.  His smile melts our hearts.  His eyes pierce our souls.  And the amazing way his coming as changed our lives leaves us speechless at times!

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