Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scenes of the season

Decorating our family tree -Yes, that really is a bed in
our family room.  It's where our oldest sleeps since we
needed his old room for Sophia!!  :)

All three of our little ones sang in the children's musical at church.
Eli is supposed to be a sheep (in the front row), but they couldn't
find his ears!  I guess he is making his own!!

Sophia, Philip, and Elijah wild with excitement over all the
holiday festivities!  So heart warming to see such joy on their faces.

To tell you the truth, having all of our children home now makes Kevin and
I want to run with reckless abandon and exquisite joy, too!

Even our big boy was in a Christmas musical which he also directed at our church.
Always a treat to hear him sing!

Elijah tenderly holding a baby Jesus doll his
Sunday School teacher had given him.  So sweet!

Participating in a Christmas party craft time with fellow homeschoolers.

Stopping by our favorite park to check out an indoor bee hive after
studying about bees in school.  The weather was perfect for enjoying
an afternoon outdoors later - one of the perks of homeschooling!

Adorable Eli in his preschool program.

Enjoying a night at the zoo with all of the Christmas lights and holiday cheer!

We are wishing you all a
Merry Christmas and happiest of New Years
from our home to yours.

It is with great joy that we celebrate this season
of Christ's birth!

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